The Veterans

Driven to action

Scene 1: Evidence

Evidence from the supposed murder west of town near Sara’s house is dropped on Deputy Larry’s desk with a surprising twist – Sara’s old Magnum .357. The gun is swiped into bottom drawer in Larry’s desk while he investigates the clues. Brandon shows up to talk about his frustrations with what he saw.

Scene 2: Gym hall

Brandon and Larry shows up while Sara is trying to repair some hand holds on her fave climb (near “Jimmy Carter”). Larry confronts Sara with the gun he was handed in the evidence bag, and she admits to it being hers, but tries to smile her way out of it.

Scene 3: Planning a steak-out

The guys meet at the diner to figure out how to go about the Agent that showed up in the Sheriff’s office and about the Camino del Rio Training facilities. Brandon over-eats badly after being confronted with his past by a nasty stab from a kid called Roy Henriksen. Sara tries to fix, but budges it badly. Armed with hot-coffee and a chopped of steak they leave in Brandon’s van.

Scene 4: The Morgue

After waiting in the van for hours and running out of coffee, the team springs into action when Sara decides to check out the camp up close. She puts the team in a bad position, and the rest of the group has to spring into action. Sara knocks out 2 people in the camp, but in the end they find a “morgue” with bodies in coolers. They find the girl they’re looking for, but somehow her eyeballs are white and have had added fake contact lenses – other corpses seem to suffer from the same condition.


staun staun

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